Welcome to HPC HUB

A virtual community for connecting Parkinson's advocates, sharing resources, and collaborating.

About Us

The Healthy Parkinson's Communities HUB provides an invitation only space for Ambassadors, Community Action Committee (CAC) leaders and members, and Community Grantees to come together to:   

  • Meet one another    

  • Gather and connect in groups   

  • Exchange knowledge and resources 

  • Participate in online meetings and gatherings 

  • Access online trainings  (coming soon!)

  • Access the HPC resource library (coming soon!)

By creating this online community space, we aim to:   

  • Create opportunities for fluid, responsive connections and conversations between our HPC program participants

  • Create a living, breathing, crowdsourced knowledgebase with resources, relationships, and more    

  • Create a centralized location for community leaders participating in our work to go for their DPF information, meetings, trainings, etc.   

Not a member of one of our HPC programs yet? Learn more about how to get involved at healthyparkinsonscommunities.org or contact us at [email protected] to learn more.

Why You Should Join Us

By joining this community, you will be able to connect with fellow Parkinson's advocates that share your passion for helping people to live well and creating healthier Parkinson's communities. You'll be able to chat, message, and meet people across the US, Canada, and beyond and you'll easily be able to see upcoming meetings and other online gatherings, manage your calendar, and more.

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